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Enjoy the servings of authentic French in Emilie Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – Visit a typical French restaurant may be unusual for most residents of the capital. However, to get a taste of the food and feel authentic, not all restaurants can give it. For those of you who want to really enjoy the delicious French-style food, you can come to the restaurant Emilie located on the street of Senopati, South Jakarta. Entering the courtyard of the restaurant, you are greeted with an overgrown garden decor by some green plants that adorn the entire courtyard restaurant. This atmosphere seems to look very cool indeed, creating a comfortable feel to the restaurant.

Since its establishment in 2005, this family-owned restaurant has managed to get a lot of awards; The Award of Excellence (2007) by the magazine Wine Spectator (USA), then upgraded to a “Best of Award of Excellence” since 2013, entered the ranks of one of the best Asian restaurants Miele Guide 2009/2010, 2011/2012, and the “Best French / Fine Dining Restaurant “of many magazines.

“I prefer this way, not too obtrusive because our target market, is more or less not the mass customers,” said Wahyudi commonly known as, Yen. Although, from the outside it looks like an ordinary house in Jalan Senopati, deliberately the building was remodeled and meant for restaurants by Jaya Ibrahim and Associates.

Emilie manages to give the concept of a comfortable, distinctive, and unique style of a home. Romantic style restaurant is designed in France generally to have a natural impression of France, compelling and riveting. The order of trinkets uniquely placed with complete French accents provided were so impressive that the visitor actually would feel they were in France instead of in Indonesia. One of the most striking thing is the typical style furniture of nature French and French-style service makes this restaurant has its own added value, especially for those fans of French cuisine. There are two parts to this restaurant. First, the restaurant located on the ground floor, which is open at lunchtime and dinner. As well as, a lounge on the second floor that stays open from morning until night, with afternoon tea menu and a wide selection of snacks.

Emilie serves a variety of French dishes such as onion soup were fixed and escargot, as well as the main menu that continues to be changed every month, adjusting with the freshest ingredients available. For example, some time ago, Emilie served fresh French turbo fish on the menu. As in it’s home country, Emilie also serves a wide selection of the best wines that can be paired with French dishes. Emilie has also received numerous awards and certifications on its best quality wine.

Several other French fine dining restaurant started turning concepts into fusion. However, it seems that Emilie is not interested to follow that trend.

“The reason why I built this restaurant, is to present the French cuisine, as authentic as possible. I’m not trying to sell expensive food. That is, if I can get quality local products, of course I’ll sell it at a reasonable price. Again, cheap or expensive is depending on what you eat. Some people say that we must adapt to local tastes, I can not agree to that 100%. Why not then we just open an Indonesian restaurant? “Said Yen.

If you come to a French restaurant, try to eat like the French, in the sense, you should not only order the main course. In addition to classic French cuisine such as Onion Soup, Beef Steak and Duck Confit, maybe you could try Le Carpaccio (fresh Hokkaido scallop carpaccio with fried onion and morel mushrooms spring) as an appetizer.

For the main meal, there is Le Poulet a la Crème (grilled chicken with champignon mushrooms and cream) is a classic menu delight. There are also L ‘Agneau, herb crusted lamb saddle and chop with vegetables and tomato provencale Farcies. Basically, there are two pieces of lamb meat on this menu, the saddle is a piece with a bit of fat that is similar to the version of the lamb tenderloin, lamb chop while probably more interesting for lovers of sirloin. I believe this is one of the best menu of herb crusted lamb I’ve ever tried in Indonesia. And for dessert, you can not go wrong if you chose Le Chocolat, warm Valrhona chocolate fondant with mocha parfait and vanilla ice cream.

As another fine dining restaurant, the menu is seasonal which is one of the most interesting parts.

“From March to May was spring, so the menu often involves asparagus and peas, it feels lighter. For the summer, we highlight the tomatoes and olive oil. For winter, it will be heavy with the menus and the use of venison stew. These materials are not available throughout the year. Mostly depends on what is available at the supplier, “said Yen.

Either classical or seasonal menu, Yen understands that we did not grow up with European foods. Many of the ingredients, the taste, even the name is not familiar to most of us. But, the most important thing is keeping an open mind so we dare to try new things.

“When I go into a restaurant, I want to order food that I can not cook, or something that I never tried. I believe our food is all good, I do not simply insert a menu just to meet our menu list. That is why I am proud if people order an unusual menu.” revealed Yen.

Variations of the food served there is a la carte, and there is also a set menu by the price of Rp. 280 thousand ++ for two dishes, and Rp. ++ 340 thousand for the three-course meal. To drink, the wine they served were priced Rp. 800 thousand and above. As a restaurant, serving unique flavors suitable if you go with your partner or colleague. (Aldo)


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