Island of Love; Gorontalo “the Maldives” of Indonesia

This island of Love, has 15 cottage facilities with a design mimic a traditional house that surrounds this island, and will spoil tourists while vacationing here. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Gorontalo, their tourism sector is now the focus of attention. The Tourism Sector deliberately encouraged to improve the economy of the province of Gorontalo. According to local authorities, the impact of the tourism sector can be enjoyed directly by the surrounding community. Gorontalo is rich with natural beauty that is as beautiful as Bali or Lombok. In fact, Gorontalo province also has a gorgeous, exotic and romantic so dubbed her Maldive Indonesia. Other natural beauty can also be found on the Island of Love, located in the district Boalemo. Love Island has unique characteristics that are not inferior to ‘it’s relatives, namely Saronde Island, in the district of North Gorontalo. The island is shaped like a heart that adds to the romance if you traveled in Tomini, Boalemo.

To travel to the Island of Love, of the City Boalemo can be reached approximately 2.5 hours drive and a 20-minute sea journey by boat. You can walk along the island with beautiful beaches and exotic corners of the island of Sulawesi, precisely in the Gulf of Tomini. Unique heart-shaped island is equipped with some very exclusive floating resorts with attractive architectural concepts. This location is nothing but an exclusive resort that carries the natural concept. Travelers can stay in one of the cottages that surround the Island of Love.

Conservation of nature here is still very alive. “The Nature alone is beautiful with it’s surroundings, where guests can enjoy the sunset and sunrise,” said the local government. In contrast to the islands in Raja Ampat, Tojo Una-Una, or Bunaken, the speciality owned by the Island of Love is a natural blend including coral reefs that is untouched. We are committed to continue to promote the tourism potential of marine Gorontalo including the Island of Love.

Islands that according to legend became the location of a secret meeting between the prince of Gorontalo and the daughter of a Dutch merchant, it has become an interesting spot for snorkeling and diving for the adventurer lovers of underwater nature. When tourists come to the Love Island, the facility of 15 cottages with designs of the traditional houses around the island, travelers will indulge while on vacation here. So that tourists can be comfortable and enjoy quietness while on the island, conducting vacation at sea is captivating.

Eco Resort became the first resort and only resort on the island of Love. There are three variants of cottages that are all equally wooden with shingle roof and straw. 3 variants of cottages, including: the first type cottage with spacious 92m2 consisting of 1 bedroom cottage with spacious 156m2, second type consists of two rooms and cottages with an area of 212m2, third cottage consists of 3 rooms. Each cottage is equipped with a terrace, living room and a private pool. The rent is around Rp3.500.000 to Rp5.000.000 / day including the cost of transportation and meals 3 times a day.

No wonder after this island was unveiled some time ago, this tourist spot has been flooded with a lot of visitors. Until now, according to the records managers recorded as many as 80 percent of local travelers and 20 percent of foreign tourists. “In the future of course, this tour will be increased further in order to make a major contribution to the economic development in Gorontalo,” said the manager of the Island of Love tour.

For those of you who are interested in visiting the island of love, you can buy tickets at Jalaluddin airport flight path, Gorontalo Sulawesi. If you want to visit the island of love, you should choose morning or the first flight path. Why? Because, you still need the land and sea travel to get to the Island of Love. Arriving at the airport of Jalaluddin, you must continue the journey by land and sea. For those of you who want to stay, you should book early before heading to the island of Love. Therefore, tourists who have already booked rooms in advance usually will get a free ride until the district of Boalemo. The journey to Boalemo takes about 2 hours travel time from the airport.

After arriving in the district of Boalemo, you still need to continue your journey by crossing the sea to reach the island by boat which takes about 25 minutes. Offering beautiful scenery, it’s a perfect fit if this holiday destination is a part of one of your recommendations. (aldo)