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Enjoy Japanese BBQ in Daitokyo Sakaba


IO – If you want to know the truth of the culinary culture of Japan, Yakiniku certainly will not miss them. Although not as popular as sushi or ramen, Yakiniku is a major achievement of Japanese food this time. Originally, the term refers specifically to the Yakiniku style of western barbeque. Yakiniku first popularized by a Japanese writer named Kanagaki Robun in his “Seiyo Ryoritsu” in 1872. The Japanese yakiniku barbecue translated. The word refers to a roast beef yakiniku (grilled roast, nik means meat). In Japan, Yakiniku is made at a local barbecue shop.

Gyutan- Don. (photo: IO/Raihan)

A restaurant named Daitokyo Sakaba, regionated in the area of Little Tokyo Melawai, South Jakarta makes visitors unable to move on from processed meat grilled Japanese specialties. It is advisable if you want to try it, make sure to reserve in advance, because if not, you certainly will wait for an hour before the restaurant opens. Daitokyo Sakaba opens starting from 6pm – 1am on a normal day, except Saturdays and on public or national holidays it closes at 11pm.

When entering the restaurant, you will be served in an atmosphere that focuses light to the table in a booth where you eat. You can also dine directly at the front desk very close to the kitchen. Equipped with audio in steady Japanese music. If for privacy with your family or partner, there is on the 2nd floor with seating “tatami” mat type of material used as flooring in traditional Japanese-style room.

The first thing you should do before starting to eat is to use oshibori.Oshibori is hot towel / cold to clean your hands before eating. At this restaurant you use the oshiburi cold. Keep in mind,oshibori is not to be used for parts of the body other than the hands, due to the Japanese people who are very polite.

The mainstay presented Daitokyo Sakaba very much, because the menu variants reached more than 50 menus. However, the most frequently searched menu of customers is worth a try. The mainstay of the frequent visitors to is Gyutan-Don, meat beef tongue a la Japan. Thinly cut beef tongue with Gyutan three thick slices, cooked until golden brown. Big chunks of beef tongue sprinkled some nori on it, is placed over the portion of rice that much. These works display beautiful in its simplicity.

Atmosphe inside the restaurant. (photo: IO/Raihan)

In the first bite, the taste is very unique, Gyutan typical. The tongue was soft and buttery taste is very full in the mouth. Quite fatty, but tender. A little on the salty side, but balanced with rice. It was delicious with chili powder if you like spicy. Based on what I know of a chef here, the meat can be tender beef tongue because it was originally captured for 7 hours, once loudly fleshed.

The dining experience at Daitokyo Sakaba reinforced by the atmosphere of dark and mysterious. You would think it’s like in a Japanese film, in which the Yakuza meets and transacts business behind the curtain, alone devouring his food quietly, while taking a smoke. (raihan)


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