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Ramadan ambience in Jakarta

IO – A week has passes in the month of Ramadan. Activities in Jakarta are still running normally. It’s just that, in some roads seem filled with merchants who sells takjil (food for breakfasting). Takjil usually consists of various types of food. Normally, it consists of snacks such as fried snack, compote, fruit soup, etc.

Besides full of takjil merchants, the month of Ramadan is also filled with many activities such as ngabuburit (killing time before maghrib/breakfasting), breakfasting events and gathering, tarawih prayer, and also I’thifkaf activities (staying in a mosque for a certain number of days).

Usually, some mosques often to provide breakfasting meal for people who are on the road. They serve a variety of takjil for free. This is the uniqueness of the Ramadhan month, breakfasting together with people who do not know each other can grows a strong sense of brotherhood. Not only for silaturahmi (gathering), but also to know and meet some new people.

The atmosphere of Ramadhan is filled with friendship and togetherness. After breakfasting, Muslims usually go to the mosque to do maghrib prayer in congregation. There are three prayer times that can be done after the breaking, Maghrib prayer, isya’ prayer, and tarawih prayer.

Tarawih prayer itself becomes a way of Muslims to get reward. They flocked to do tarawih prayer in hopes for a great reward. Muslims believe that tarawih prayers have goods in each day. For example, on the first day of tarawih prayer, mukmin (the believer) people will come out of his sin as he was just born. And the second day, God will extend mercy and forgiveness for him and his parents sins. And many more rewards up to the 30th day.

On that basis, lots of Muslims are doing goodness and do religious activities as much as they can. That is why the month of Ramadan is always awaited and makes a longing for every Muslims who believed. (Ade Boy Ali)

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