Friday, December 1, 2023 | 03:54 WIB

Densus 88 raids Uzbeks on suspicion of terrorism


Jakarta, IO – Police Densus 88 Anti-terror squad arrested three Uzbekistan nationals on suspicion of terrorism.  However, when they were about to be arrested, they fled and were pursued by the police commandos, reported Kompas, Tuesday (11/4). 

Densus 88 spokesperson Aswin Siregar said BA alias JF was found dead, presumably drown, on the bank of Kali Sunter, North Jakarta, Monday (10/4). The body has been taken to Kramatjati Hospital for autopsy.

 The other two, OMM alias IM and MIR alias MR were arrested in Sunter. On Monday, around 10.50 WIB, OMM was arrested in a commercial complex near Bukit Gading Indah while MR was arrested at around 20.30 WIB in a culvert in Kali Sunter.  According to Aswin, they fled because they feared that they would be deported.

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On March 24, Densus also arrested four foreigners — BA alias JF (32), OMM alias IM (28), BKA (40) and MR (26) — in terrorism-related case. National Police spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ahmad Ramadhan said they were suspected of being affiliated with the Katiba Al-Tauhid Wal-Jihad network. Police accused them of recruiting new members and spreading propaganda through social media. (rr)


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