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TNI-Polri joint team finds KKB hideout in Nduga


Jakarta, IO – The hideout, suspected to be that of the Papua armed criminal group (KKB) led by Egianus Kogoya was found in Sagu Lima Kenyam, Nduga regency, Papua Highlands province. The team also found firearms, 415 rounds of ammunition of various calibers and telecommunication equipment.

Head of the Damai Carstensz 2023 task force police chief commissioner IGG Era Adhinata revealed the findings were made based on investigations and information provided by Yomce Lokbere, a KKB member who was arrested on Wednesday (5/4).

“Yomce Lokbere, arrested in Batas Batu, Nduga regency, was a member of the KKB who was tasked with finding logistics, including firearms and ammunition,” said Era, reported Merdeka, Tuesday (11/4).

After further confirmation, TNI and Polri personnel seized various evidence, including rifles, FN pistols, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, binoculars, laptops, SSB radios and cameras. The evidence have been put in the care of Mimika Police Headquarters in Timika.

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On Yomce Lokbere’s arrest, Era said the team is still investigating Egianus Kogoya’s right hand man, who is alleged to have been involved in a number of armed attacks in Nduga regency since 2021. He was also involved in the burning of Susi Air plane and the kidnapping of the pilot Philip Mark Merthens on February 7. (un)


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