Delivering scientific speech, Prabowo: Indonesia must be strong!

Prabowo di JCC
Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto attended an open senate session for the graduation of Pancasila University students at JCC. (IO/ Andi Muhamad)

Jakarta, IO – Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto delivered a scientific speech at the Open Senate Session for the graduation ceremony of Pancasila University students held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on Tuesday (7/6). He said, as a big nation, Indonesia must have a strong character.

Prabowo emphasised that strong character will save the nation from misery. “Indonesia must be strong. If Indonesia is not strong then our nation will suffer. This is not Prabowo Subianto’s opinion, this lessons from history. If you are weak, then your wealth will be taken, you will be colonized and trampled upon. That’s human history,” Prabowo asserted.

In his speech titled “The Role of Indonesia in Facing Global Changes in the Next Decade,” Prabowo also stated that a strong character will influence relations between countries, and determine Indonesia’s position on the global stage.