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Declared free from bird flu, Singapore imports live chicken from Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – Singapore government has started importing live chickens from farms in Indonesia. The country’s Food Control Agency (SFA) said it is working with the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS), Indonesian authorities in the initiative.

“SFA and AVS work closely with the industry to monitor and improve logistics processes at various points of the supply chain to ensure food safety and animal health,” SFA said, reported Detik, Monday (15/5).

The measure is the first such collaboration between both sides. SFA confirmed that live chickens from farms in Indonesia have been tested and are officially declared free from avian influenza (bird flu).

“We can ascertain that the source has the necessary systems, processes and capabilities to supply chicken free of highly pathogenic avian influenza disease and has met food safety and animal health standards and requirements,” added the SFA.

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Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Manpower, and Sustainability and the Environment Dr. Koh Poh Koon explained that the import of live chickens from Indonesia gave consumers more choices. According to him, this will further strengthen Singapore’s supply chain resilience. (un)


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