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CT Group launches Source of Wealth Authentication service in Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – Global consultancy CT Group is proud to launch its “Source of Wealth Authentication” services in Indonesia. 

CT Group will announce this new service at an event held in Jakarta on 21 February. The event will be attended by leading lawyers from across the Asia Pacific region. 

The service assists high-net-worth individuals and corporates justify their history and origin of wealth, and allows them to be fully understood and accepted by international financial institutions, regulators, the media, and potential business partners. 

CT Group, and particularly Abdul Malik, have over two decades of experience supporting corporates, families, and legal counsels in solving their most complex challenges and capturing opportunities, both in Indonesia and abroad. 

The “Source of Wealth Authentication in a Changing Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Environment” event will include addresses from CT Group’s Abdul Malik, Managing Director of Singapore; Leah James, Global Head of Intelligence; Andrew Macintosh, Head of Intelligence Singapore; and Asli Arslan Tedeschi, who leads the Intelligence team’s Source of Wealth Authentication service. 

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Abdul Malik notes that “there has never been a greater emphasis on understanding how funds have been obtained. This is true for private clients who are seeking to invest or open bank accounts, and for institutions and corporations looking to accept funds from clients – both new and existing”. He further notes “Our Source of Wealth Authentication services will enable clients working in and investing from Indonesia to better safeguard their assets, reputation and ensure the sustainable operations of their businesses”. 

The CT Group is a global consultancy that uniquely combines research, intelligence, campaigns, and advisory services, to deliver the results our clients need. With decades of experience securing successful outcomes in every corner of the world and across multiple sectors and markets, the CT Group understands the importance of clear information, actionable insight, and results-focused strategies. (des/ast)


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