Friday, December 1, 2023 | 23:07 WIB

Confined and Tortured, 20 Indonesian Citizens Entered Myanmar Illegally


Jakarta, IO – As many as 20 Indonesian citizens who fell victim to human trafficking (TPPO) entered Myanmar illegally. Based on the results of the investigation, no official records of their entering the country were found.

“The 20 Indonesian citizens were not registered in the Myanmar immigration database. So it is suspected that they entered Myanmar illegally,” said the Director of General Crimes Investigation Djuhandani Rahardjo Puro, reported CNN Indonesia, Thursday (4/5).

They were last detected in the Myawaddy, an area of conflict between the Myanmar military (Tat Ma Daw) and the Karen rebels. Therefore, the Government of Myanmar is said to be unable to enter the Myawaddy area to rescue them.

Djuhandani explained that the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating with several parties, including the International Justice Mission and the International Organization for Migration.

Rosa, sister of one the victims Novi, said the victims experienced acts of physical and psychological violence, such as being tortured by electrocution.

Novi and several people were taken in a van with tinted windows and watched by several people. During the trip, they are restricted from using communication devices and smuggled across the border. They are said to have crossed the river secretly and were guarded by several armed men whose identities were unknown.


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