Colorful & exotic meat dishes from Latin American culture

Meat is already in plating, ready to serve for the visitors. By adding vegetable in it. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Culinary choices in Jakarta may seem endless to the adventurous gourmet, from mys­terious fare sold on the roadside, to high-end five-star culinary nu­ances with luxurious views of the capital city surrounded by magnif­icent buildings. It cannot be de­nied that the cuisine available in Jakarta is quite complete, from a variety of Indonesian specialties to flavors from lands abroad, easily found in every corner of the city.

Cultural and cultural diversi­ty as found in Indonesia’s capital makes Jakarta rich in culinary selections from every continent. One example is a restaurant lo­cated in Kemang, South Jakarta – one offering a menu of South American-style eats. El Asador, a restaurant whose menu embodies a wide variety of the cultural her­itage of Latinoamerica, specifically that from Argentina and Uruguay.

El Asador is inspired by typical Argentinian and Uruguayan men­us that use special recipes, passed down for generations as a tribute to their ancestors. The special meaning of El Asador itself is ‘Asa­do’, a style of meat-cutting tech­nique, or more specifically, a way to carve beef ribs: ‘El Asador’ thus refers to your classy BBQ party.

Grilling for BBQ parties when viewed from a Latinoamerican cultural point of view is an art that requires patience and perse­verance, starting with the prepa­ration of firewood. In Uruguayan culture, friends or family spend time together in BBQ parties, whether celebrating a memori­al event or just enjoying one an­other’s company. That’s the way General Manager Eugenio Doldan expects El Asador to share with Jakartans. Furthermore, El Asa­dor also imparts the feeling of a very distinctive restaurant, whose design is crafted to accentuate a typical South American style.

Another distinctive feature of El Asador, and one which sets this restaurant apart from other South American restaurants that focus on a special steak menu, is its tradition. El Asador embodies traditional ways, ranging from roasting to the proper selection of firewood; they have their own methods, compared to other steak houses.

El Asador has determined that firewood taken from rambu­tan and starfruit trees is prime. The way of burning is also very unique, namely, by setting the grill some 15 cm from burning wood. Thus, it is believed, the meat will hold a distinctive taste.

‘By using this method, the roasting of the meat will yield a more perfect flavor and aroma,’ Eugenio said.

El Asador itself has a very com­plete menu variety, from an array of appetizers, main meals, to des­serts. El Asador’s mainstay menu is their ‘all you can eat’ menu, with beef selections; there is also a roasted chicken special a la El Asador. The ‘all you can eat’ menu is also accompanied with side dishes such as fries, various salads, and rice plates selected according to taste.

El Asador is very selective in determining the meat cuts they will serve to patrons. Beef aged in a range six to eight weeks ensures its quality, appreciated by veteran meat lovers: El Asador includes ribs, inner organs, lamb sausage, and pieces of chicken rolled with lamb fat – even the tongue of the cow. All meat op­tions can be selected according to a patron’s individual fondness.

Established with the concept of a family restaurant, El Asador also provides a play-room for chil­dren, for visitors who bring along their toddlers. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Mondays to Thurs­days and 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Fri­days to Sundays.

Patrons fortunate enough to visit on a weekend will enjoy a live musical performance, in an enter­taining Latinoamerican style.

For those considering hosting an exotic event unlike the usual Jakarta atmosphere, El Asador is a great place to celebrate, in a Lat­in American atmosphere. (Aldo)