Cold weather hampers rescue efforts of Turkey and Syria quake survivors

Turkey and Syria
(Source: Twitter @MyFundAction)

Jakarta, IO – A mega earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude struck Turkey and Syria on Monday (6/2). So far, at least 3,823 people have been reportedly killed in both countries. Turkish Vice President Fuat Otkay stated that 2,379 people had been found dead and 14,483 injured.

“7,840 people were evacuated alive from the rubble of 4,748 buildings destroyed,” said Otkay, reported Kompas, Tuesday (7/2).

Adding to the misery, freezing temperatures and wintry weather with rain and snow have severely hampered rescue efforts. In addition, poor internet connection and damaged roads connecting some of Turkey’s worst-affected cities further complicate matters.

Temperatures in some areas are said to have dropped below zero overnight, exacerbating the conditions for those trapped under the rubble or made homeless.

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It also rained on Monday after a blizzard hit Turkey last weekend. As a result, many residents were afraid to return to their homes. They decided to spend the night on the streets despite the freezing temperature. A number of residents chose to huddle around the campfire to get warm. (un)