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Celebrating Eid al-Fitr while benefiting the body


dr. Vikie Nouvrisia Anandaputri, Sp.GK, M.Gizi
dr. Vikie Nouvrisia Anandaputri, Sp.GK, M.Gizi. (Source: MAYAPADA HOSPITAL)

First, eat according to meal hours: this habit will control caloric intake. Although Eid alFitr is a special day, still eat according to meal hours with a large meal still three times, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner. Second, choose high-fiber foods as appetizers. High-fiber foods can slow down the digestion of food, so you will feel full longer. Third, limit the portion of the meal. On Eid al-Fitr limiting the portion of food can be a challenge in itself. Eat small portions so that blood sugar levels remain stable. Fourth, keep looking for ways to burn calories. By being more active in moving, calorie burning increases. Five, don’t be exhausted. Know the ability of the body. Rest if you feel tired and give the body enough sleep so that stamina and the immune system are maintained. 

On the same occasion, Head of Medical GDTI, dr. Adhiatma Gunawan, added that the education program with the community reveals their commitment to increase health literacy and strengthen the health of our next generation . “Referencing survey results, from the series of health education sessions held over the 6 months period, we are pleased that an average of 99.7% of participants felt that the webinar met their expectations, including improved literacy health.” 

Meanwhile, Emilya Setyaningtyas, Head of LSPR Communication Reputation Department, stated that the successful completion of an educational campaign aims at increasing health literacy among younger generation in Indonesia signals the growing appetite for more of such events. Both entities hope that more people, especially the younger generation, will be inspired to adopt a healthy lifestyle for long term. (est)


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