Candidate Pairs: biggest campaign fund contributors, while parties are smallest

Candidate Pairs contribute to 43% of total campaign funds in Gubernatorial Elections, and 57% in Regency and Mayoral Elections. (Photo: Septiawan)

IO – The Elections Monitoring Agency (Badan Pengawas Pemilihan Umum – “Bawaslu”) has received Campaign Fund Contribution Reports for the 2020 Regional Elections from Candidate Pairs. Law Number 10 of 2016 states that Candidate Pairs must submit these Campaign Fund Contribution Receipt Reports (Laporan Penerimaan Dana Sumbangan Kampanye – “LPSDK”) which, according to the provisions of KPU Regulations Number 5 of 2020 and 2020 Election schedule, have to be in by Saturday, (31/10/2020) at the latest. 

Bawaslu member Fritz Edward states that campaign fund contributions may come from Candidate Pairs, supporting political parties, or outsiders such as individuals, groups, and private enterprises. These reports show that most of the campaign funds in the 2020 Regional Elections come from Candidate Pairs’ personal funds. “Bawaslu rapidly collects information on the total amount of contributions received by Candidate Pairs in Gubernatorial Elections in nine provinces and Regency and Mayoral Elections in 247 regencies and townships,” he said. 

Fritz said that total campaign fund contributions in Gubernatorial Elections is IDR 27,490,572,550.00, while the total in Regency and Mayoral Elections is IDR 355,279,170,927.00. If we look more closely, the 25 Candidate Pairs contribute to 43% or IDR 11,848,973,250.00 in Gubernatorial Elections. Total contribution from private enterprises is IDR 8,667,605,000.00, individual contributions IDR 6,329,874,300.00, and political parties’ contribution is IDR 644,120,000.00. “Bawaslu notes that the smallest contribution comes from supporting political parties,” he said. 

Total campaign fund contributions from Candidate Pairs in Regency and Mayoral Elections is IDR 203,924,190,651.00 or 57%. Contributions from individuals total IDR 98,078,703,781.00, from private enterprises total IDR 41,205,645,500.00, from political parties total IDR 9,819,750,995.00, and from group contributions total IDR 2,250,880,000.00. 

The Government, House of Representatives, and electoral organizers agree to hold the 2020 Regional Elections simultaneously on 9 December this year. On 4-6 September, KPU opened registration for the Regional Elections. On 23 September, KPU announces the nomination of Regional Head Candidate Pairs. Campaign period lasts 71, from 26 September to 5 December 2020. The 2020 Regional Elections will be held in 270 regions throughout Indonesia, i.e. in 9 provinces, 224 regencies, and 37 townships. (Dan)