KPK bust 9 in PT Dirgantara Indonesia case: State losses at IDR 315 billion

KPK arrest 9 for corruption at PT Dirgantara Indonesia. State losses are estimated at IDR 315 billion. (Photo: Media Indonesia)

IO – The Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi – “KPK”) has named three new suspects in the sales and marketing corruption case involving PT Dirgantara Indonesia (“PT DI”) in 2007- 2017: Former Production Director of PT DI, Arie Wibowo (AW); President Director of PT Abadi Sentosa Perkasa, Didi Laksamana (DL); and President Director of PT Selaras Bangun Usaha, Ferry Santosa Subrata (FSS). They are being detained in three separate detention centers, from 3 to 22 November 2020. Arie Wibowo is held in the Polres Metro East Jakarta Municipal Precinct Detention Center, Didi Laksmana in the Central Jakarta Municipal Precinct Detention Center, and Ferry Santosa Subrata at the Metro Jaya Regional Precinct Detention Center. They are accused of having received fees from liquidated payments of fictitious sales partner work: AW received a total of IDR 9.1 billion, DL got IDR 10.8 billion, and FSS had IDR 1.9 billion. 

Earlier, the KPK named PT PAL (Persero) President Director Budiman Saleh as a suspect in the case. Budiman was delegated to sign agreements with these fictitious partners by former President Director of PT DI, Budi Santoso. KPK has also named Budi Santoso and former Assistant to President Director in Government Business of PT DI, Irzal Rinaldi Zailani, as further suspects in the case. The two are charged with corruption in the form of the creation of fictitious contracts. Budi Santoso and Irzal Rinaldi are on trial at the Corruption Crime Court, while Budiman Saleh and the three new suspects are still being interrogated. 

Vice Chairman of KPK Alexander Marwata revealed that investigators have obtained the testimony of 108 witnesses during the course of pursuing the case. They have also confiscated assets in the form of monies, land, and buildings resulting from the corruption, with a total value of about IDR 40 billion. “The suspects have caused financial losses to the State, represented by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), at IDR 202,196,497,761.00 and USD 8,650,945.00. The total loss sustained by the State is about IDR 315 billion, at the assumed exchange rate of IDR 14,600.00 per USD 1.00,” Alexander said in a press conference in his office in Kuningan, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (03/11/2020). 

The suspects embezzled monies by utilizing the signature of structural officials at PT Dirgantara Indonesia in no fewer than 79 venture contracts involving the National Search and Rescue Agency (Badan SAR Nasional – “Basarnas”), the Ministry of Defense, the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi – “BPPT”), the Air Police, the Indonesian Army Aviation Command (Pusat Penerbangan Angkatan Darat – “Puspenerbad”), the Indonesian Naval Aviation Command (Pusat Penerbangan Angkatan Laut – “Puspenerbal”), and the State Secretariat, with a total value of IDR 3.05 trillion, USD 374 million, and EUR 74.31 million. In order to get the funds in the contract liquidated, PT Dirgantara Indonesia has set up PT Abadi Sentosa Perkasa, PT Angkasa Mitra Karya, PT Bumiloka Tegar Perkasa, PT Penta Mitra Abadi, PT Niaga Putra Bangsa, and PT Selaras Bangun Usaha to act as “sales partners”, while these companies did nothing of the kind. 

KPK said that these six “partner companies/agents” obtained “payments” totaling IDR 205.3 billion and USD 8.65 million from PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) in 2011- 2018. Furthermore, a number of PT DI, including Budi and Irzal, have requested money from these “partner/agent” companies for a total of IDR 96 billion. “From June 2008 to 2018, partnership/agency contracts were drawn up between PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), signed by its Director of Aircraft Integration, and the Directors of PT Angkasa Mitra Karya, PT Bumiloka Tegar Perkasa, PT Abadi Sentosa Perkasa, PT Niaga Putra Bangsa, and PT Selaras Bangun Usaha. None of these “partner/ agent companies” ever performed any work relating to the obligations set up in these venture contracts,” KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri in KPK’s office recently explained. (dan)