Cadbury distributes 9,000 packages to COVID-19 pandemic front guard

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Ramadan is the right moment to share kindness and happiness with others, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has plagued almost all countries; it seems that the slightest kindness and appreciation will be very meaningful for COVID-19 pandemic fighters at the forefront, including in Indonesia. 

This is what motivates Cadbury as one of the leading chocolate brands from Mondelez Indonesia to hold a “Sharing from the Heart in the Holy Month” campaign. Together with, Cadbury is distributing more than 9,000 breaking fast packages through Food Boxes in several Jakarta hospitals during Ramadan, as an expression of appreciation and support for COVID-19 pandemic fighters at the forefront. 

“The ‘Sharing of Hearts in the Sacred Month’ campaign is a form of Cadbury’s consistency to inspire all people to share goodness and create happiness in every activity, including during Ramadan and in the Covid-19 pandemic situation,” explained Pratitis Adi Nugraha, Director of Mondelez Indonesia. 

He also added that sharing and helping others in fact has become a habit for Indonesians, because it is in line with cultural values that exist in the country. For example, in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, many Indonesian people have taken the initiative to raise funds to be distributed to those in need, including those aimed at people who fight in the vanguard. 

“Sharing from the Heart in the Holy Month” is part of the Cadbury campaign in Southeast Asia #SaluteTheGoodness and Cadbury Indonesia #dukungkebaikan. Different from last year, this time Cadbury cooperates with and the Volunteer School as partners to distribute iftar packages through the Food Box. 

“Cadbury, together with, who are also assisted by the Volunteer School, will distribute the Iftar package with a new medium, the Food Box. This iftar package can be taken by anyone who needs it, including medical staff, families of patients who are on duty at the hospital and those who need it,” Pratitis said. 

There are three Food Boxes that are used to distribute the iftar packages; they are placed in Evasari Hospital, Jakarta Heart Hospital, and Tarakan Regional Hospital. The fast-breaking package consists of heavy food and Cadbury chocolate, both of which can be taken directly at the Food Box storefront. 

“We fully support the invitation for cooperation initiated by Cadbury and Mondelez Indonesia in distributing iftar packages. We also hope that this campaign can be an inspiration for the people of Indonesia to appreciate the COVID-19 pandemic fighters in the frontline, so that the moment of Ramadan becomes more meaningful,” concluded Alfatih Timur, CEO and Co-Founder of Kitabisa. com.