BSSN: Gov websites infiltrated by online gambling disguised as financial promotion

Cyber crime
Compromised website. (Source: CNN Indonesia)

Jakarta, IO – National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN) spokesperson Ardian Putra said his agency has found that government websites were infiltrated by online gambling under the guise of financial planning.

According to him, hackers take advantage of government websites that are often accessed by the public, because they can increase their ad rank.

“BSSN found at least 291 URLs with links to online gambling sites, 28 belongs to universities, 38 schools, and 37 government agencies. Other sectors include community organizations, insurance companies, private cooperatives, construction firms, drug stores, and tax consultant,” Antara quoted Ardian as saying on Friday (8/7).

To address this issue, BSSN has issued Regulation 4/2021 on Guidelines for Information Security Management of Electronic-Based Government Systems and Technical Standards and Security Procedures for Electronic-Based Government Systems.