Biskuat invites Indonesian children to spread joy

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Rapid and unpredictable changes in the current situation mean difficult times for many people, including children. Indeed, awareness is needed to grow each other’s ‘good strength from within’ to face the various challenges of life that continue to exist every day. Recognizing this, Biskuat presents the #BisaKuat campaign to invite Indonesian children to share the spirit of “good strength from within” with the entire community to face various difficulties together during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Maggie Effendy, Head of Biscuit Mondelez Indonesia, explained that the #BisaKuat campaign was the first activity during this pandemic that invited Indonesian children to spread positive messages to everyone. “With this campaign it is hoped that children will be able to share their enthusiasm with others in facing life’s various challenges, and instilled strong characters, including strengthening others. This also inspires parents, showing them that even children can be agents of change and are able to deal with various difficult situations,” Maggie said. 

Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo, Child and Youth Psychologist, also expressed appreciation to #BisaKuat from Biskuat campaign, as an opportunity for children to develop resilient characters. According to Vera, a resilient character can increase the ability of the child to better understand others. It also moved him to do something positive that can benefit others. “By developing these characters early on, children will begin to get used to adapting more quickly to challenges. They can also learn to provide empathy and have a strong mentality to always rise from unfavorable situations,” explained Vera. 

In the #BisaKuat campaign children can give their positive enthusiasm through the messages they want to convey to anyone. Starting from parents, family members, friends, or even workers who still have to work outside the home during the pandemic. To participate in the #BisaKuat campaign, Indonesian children can download the templates on BisaKuat. Then they can write the message #BisaKuat which will be addressed to family heroes who are still working outside, then share the message via Instagram with the hashtag #BisaKuat and tag @bisakuatindonesia. 

More about the development of current conditions Vera explained that situations that are full of uncertainty could cause excessive anxiety for everyone, including children. “Looking at it, it is important for parents to develop strengths within the child so that they can adapt in facing various life challenges. Especially during this pandemic,” said Vera.