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Ayuningtyas Widari Ramdhaniar, Public Facilitator “Life is not about possession, it’s all about contributions”


Jakarta, IO – Ayuningtyas “Tyas” Widari Ramdhaniar, the well-known Woman Social Entrepreneur and Public Facilitator, actually came from a modest family. Her parents never spoiled her: on the contrary, they taught her the value of toughness, hard work and empathy. 

That day, we of the Independent Observer got to know Tyas better: this gorgeous, gregarious lady is a graduate of the University of Indonesia (“UI”). She entered its Corporate Administration and Secretarial Skills Diploma 3 (now Vocational) Program in 2005, and entered the State Administration Graduate Program at UI in 2008. 

“I’ve been constantly working ever since I studied for my Bachelor’s. And I don’t get complacent – any chance I get to upgrade myself, I will take it. I never thought, ‘How much will that pay?’ I never even cared whether I get paid or not when I see new opportunities! My idea is that I need to get more experience and knowledge than my peers,” she said. 

In 2012, Tyas established her Event Organizer business, Venustar. As she worked on her business, she decided to take a Master’s in Social Welfare, specializing in Regional Autonomy in 2016, “…because I am also passionate about politics ever since I was little,” she said. 

Tyas’ various work experiences tempered her into a friendly, capable, and adaptable person who can deal with anything that’s thrown at her. Since 2021, she also works in Diesel One Group as Corporate Secretary for corporate branding, CSR, and Government Relation. However, she prefers the title of “Public Facilitator”. 


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