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Ayuningtyas Widari Ramdhaniar, Public Facilitator “Life is not about possession, it’s all about contributions”


Ayuningtyas Widari Ramdhaniar
Ayuningtyas Widari Ramdhaniar, continuously improving her life in order to be able to leave legacies that help more people. (Source: SPECIAL COLLECTION)

With all her achievements, Tyas declares that they mean nothing without her family. “My family is the reason I did everything good. Before I had children, no matter what I do, it didn’t matter because whatever consequence that occurs is my own personal responsibility. However, when I became a mother, my way of thinking becomes wider, wiser – I learned to forgive myself and others. I want to be able to leave a good legacy for my children – I want to show them that life is not about having this and that, but in the end it is about giving everything we can give: our ideas, our energy, our motivation, our work and words to others, so that we have a meaningful life that serves our family, our community, our nation and country. Basically, I want my children to be able to say proudly, ‘That’s my memo’,” she declared stoutly. 

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What dreams do you have that you haven’t achieved, Tyas? 

“Oh my, so many! I really want to get a double degree in Law, then a Doctorate in Public Policy in the UI. I want my business to run so smoothly that I can enlarge my Foundation and have my own office, so I can positively affect many people as a public facilitator without interventions from others. I also want to facilitate academicians, so that they will take the name of AWR Foundation to the outside world when they participate in a workshop or something, like the United Nations. Anything that can greatly impact society and make people happy, especially in formal and non-formal education – scholarships, advocacies, literacy in arts, culture, and sports,” she enthused. 

Tyas reiterates her hope to expand her capacity and skills in the future – academic, mentality, experience. “To be able to learn better and better every day, so I can be more beneficial for many and earn the trust of more people out there as their partner in achieving common goals. I look forward to being able to represent Indonesia in certain international forums someday,” she smiled. (des)


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