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Anies Baswedan: Importance of collaboration between government and journalists


IO, Jakarta – Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan hopes that the Indonesian Journalist Association (Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia) will continue to work together with the Jakarta government to inform the public of development and public service programs.

“Alhamdulillah, (I) expect to witness the inauguration of new management. Currently, the role of the government has again become important as a reference for information,” said Anies as quoted by Antara during his attendance at the inauguration ceremony of the new management of PWI Jaya for the 2019-2024 period in Balai Agung, Balai Kota, Jakarta on Tuesday, July 2.

The government and PWI must work together to help spread and be a source of information. The media reveal problems in society, which is then accepted as facts to be dealt with together.

On the other hand, what is currently being worked on by the government is also delivered to the public by the media. “This is an important collaboration which must be pushed together,” said the governor.

In delivering information on construction and development in Jakarta, the press must adhere to the principles of being independent, constructive, balanced, objective, and responsible. 

“As a result, the role of the media and journalists is to be a cornerstone in building trust in this Republic. We talk about independence and objectivity because the cornerstone is that: trust. This is what we want to do together,” said Anies.

Anies hopes that PWI Jakarta can continue to increase its synergy, coordination, and cooperation in delivering beneficial news and information in the interests of developing the press, government, and residents of Jakarta.

“Hopefully PWI Jakarta can be a beacon of trust for the people.” (rp)


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