Adrenaline-pumping ride in the urban mix

Photo: Freddy Wally

IO – Eid holidays are the perfect time to spend time with family. Amid the prohibition of returning to the village and the restriction of various forms of entertainment in the capital for non-Jakarta residents, due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, a ride in the middle of the urban Bekasi area can be an exciting choice to spend a short vacation or a weekend escape. 

Xtrack ATV Adventure is an outdoor arena with a vehicle for games using an All-Terrain Vehicle type motorbike, commonly called an ATV. The name Xtrack is an abbreviation of Xperience The Track, which invites visitors to enjoy ATV games in the middle of the wild through artificial forests complete with mud puddles and rocky roads. It is located around the Summarecon Mall Bekasi shopping center. 

The game at Xtrack arguably brings visitors back to nostalgia with nature and challenges adrenaline. Through specially designed ATV motorbikes, visitors will explore every inch of a maze-like forest in the middle of the cool urban area of Summarecon Bekasi. 

In addition to some Instagrammable spots, Xtrack also offers its visitors several snaps that can be downloaded from cameras installed in several corners of the forest. 

Even though it opened several years ago, the Xtrack game in midMay 2021 offers a new face for its visitors. “Magical Forest” will take visitors into a fantasy forest full of light and magic, complete with immersive artificial waterfalls. 

“An interesting challenging physical exercise and adrenaline-pumping game amidst the pandemic,” said Andrian, one of the visitors who brought his family to Xtrack and was met by the Independent Observer on the weekend before the Eid holiday. 

During the ongoing pandemic, ticket purchases can be made online. Visitors are expected to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled playtime; they will be equipped with protective equipment such as a helmet, elbow protector, and knee protector. In addition, visitors are also given instructions by the marshal regarding the game equipment or ATV vehicle to be used. 

“By following every game rule, visitors will enjoy every twist and turn. Every visitor who wants to try this game should at least get used to riding a motorbike so that they are not surprised,” said Andi, one of the marshals in this arena. 

To ride the 20-minutes session every child under 7 years old is required to ride an ATV with an adult. Meanwhile, ATVs are available for children over 13 years old. 

Although it is one of the highrisk sports, we must pay attention to the procedures and not exceed the speed limit. For the record, the ticket paid also includes agility insurance. 

Open every weekend starting from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, game operating hours on Xtrack run from 13.00 to 21.00. Please comply with the health protocol rules, always use masks in the game arena, keep your distance from other visitors, and don’t forget to always wash your hands with clean water and soap. (Freddy Wally)