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A special show: “Lelangen Beksan: Kusumaning Rat,”


Jakarta, IO – The Galeri Indonesia Kaya is presenting various dance performances from February to midMarch 2024. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Galeri Indonesia Kaya collaborated with the Padnecwara dance group to hold a “Lelangen Beksan: Kusumaning Rat” performance on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Auditorium of Galeri Indonesia Kaya. 

“From February to mid-March, Galeri Indonesia Kaya focuses on artistic dance, to bring Indonesian traditional dances closer to art enthusiasts. “Lelangen Beksan: Kusumaning Rat” is a performance that conveys profound moral messages about humanity. It educates art enthusiasts about Javanese and Chinese acculturation, beautifully presented to an audience. We hope everyone enjoyed today’s performance and it can inspire and increase interest in various dances, particularly among the younger generation. The Indonesian young generation is expected to instill their love for Indonesian culture,” said Renitasari Adrian, Program Director of Galeri Indonesia Kaya. 

The meaningful performance of “Lelangen Beksan: Kusumaning Rat” tells the inspirational story of two extraordinary women, Kelaswara, a princess from the Kelan kingdom, and Adaninggar, a Chinese princess. Both noble women are described as exceptionally beautiful, intelligent, with strong personalities, and upholding the values of humanity, earning them the title “Kusumaning Rat,” or chosen women. 

Rury Nostalgia, as the dance choreographer, stated that she was honored to be entrusted to entertain and convey messages to art enthusiasts, at the Galeri Indonesia Kaya Auditorium. “I collaborated with Lukas Danasmoro as the Music Director to present a performance that combines Javanese and Chinese dances, with gamelan for the music background, performed by the Padnecwara dancers. The performance depicts the story of Kelaswara and Ananinggar. We hope that our performance can entertain, introduce culture, and remind art enthusiasts of the values of humanity,” she said. 

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Padnecwara dance group takes its name from Sanskrit. Padnecwara, or “queen of the king,” is a combined word from the words Padmi and Iswara. Two words inspired Retno Maruti when she founded the dance group in March 1976. Dominated by female dancers, the group performs in major cities across Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Solo, Bali, and Yogyakarta. Padnecwara has performed at the Esplanade in Singapore, presenting the collaborative work of Retno Maruti and Bulantrisna Djelantik, “Amazing Bedhaya-Legong Calonarang.” 

Padnecwara has represented Indonesia and served as Indonesia’s cultural ambassador for ASEAN performing arts. Apart from being a dance community, Padnecwara serves as an art medium for Maruti’s works to come to life, including Damarwulan, Roro Mendut, Savitri, Abimanyu Gugur, Palgunadi, Sekar Pembayun, Ciptoning, Kangsadewa, Dewabrata, Suropati, Alap-alapan Sukesi, Kidung Dandaka, and many other of her exceptional works. Celebrating its 48-year journey in the world of artistic dance, Padnecwara will focus more on intensive regular dance training in the future. (des/ ast)


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