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Consistently upgrading herself


Nagita Slavina, actress

Jakarta, IO – As an actress and also a mother of two children (aged 8 and 2), Nagita Slavina is well aware of the importance of a child’s nutritional intake, during the first 1,000 days of life, from early pregnancy to the child’s second year. In other words, an expectant mother must prepare nutritional intake for her child during the pregnancy stage. Adequate nutrition is critical for a child’s development, particularly for brain intelligence, allowing children to grow smarter and more prepared to face future challenges, filled with technological advancements. 

“A mother should carefully consider her child’s nutrition, from the early stages of pregnancy until the child is two years old. We need to prepare our children for the next ten to twenty years, as a child’s brain intelligence cannot develop in a few days. In the future, mothers need to constantly upgrade themselves, if they wish to raise intelligent children. We have all the necessary information available online. We can search for what is best for our children, such as making them stronger, more resistant, and resistant against disease, of course with high immunity,” stated Gigi (Nagita’s nickname), during the launch of HealthyWayKids in Jakarta, on Monday, February 19, 2024. 

Despite having two boys, there is a significant difference in parenting patterns for her two children, as Rafathar Malik Ahmad and Rayyanza Malik Ahmad have quite a big gap in their age differences. “Since the age difference is quite large, I treat them differently. For example, when Rafathar was little, he would eat candies, but Rayyanza is now not allowed to eat so many. I limit his sugar intake. I also restrict overly sweet or salty foods. As mothers we need to be consistent, to prevent tantrums in children. I informed my babysitter in detail what my kids are and are not allowed to eat, so they always have to ask permission, especially when it comes to restricted foods. Certain foods are only allowed once a week, and others once a day,” she confirmed. 

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Gigi admits to being very concerned about her children’s diet. “I want my children to consume more protein than carbohydrates, as their foods do not necessarily provide all the necessary nutrients. I frequently add milk to my children’s diet. Fortunately, I am blessed with children who love drinking milk. There are times when they refuse to drink milk, usually when they are ill. As a mother, we have to think about and modify recipes, to make sure children consume milk or other nutritious foods. We can always find useful recipes online,” stated Raff Ahmad’s wife. (est)


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