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A route to more independent women


IO – Being a housewife does not stop women from the opportunity to become financially independent, a conventional thought that has gradually shifted to a more empowering mindset, as social media and communities of women share experiences and inspirations. Housewives run small businesses, in order to be financially independent. Clarine Hayes, a doctor and a content creator, conveyed these thoughts about the movement at Sampoerna University Bright Future Festival (BFF). 

In a webinar titled Miss Independent: Sexier Independent Women, the doctor, who is also a vaccine program volunteer, stated that independent women are often considered as anti-patriarchy and much too feminist, which differs from her perspective. “Women have to be able to place themselves in the right position. We may be a chairperson at work, but at home, a wife and a mother with responsibilities. Women must balance their ego, but also not degrade themselves,” she affirmed. 

Clarine continued to say that women must not fall prey to self-restraint, in limitations set by other people. Certain parts of society believe career women, possessing high ambitions, would not easily find a partner, since no man would be confident enough to make them his spouse. 

“When highly-educated women pursue excellence in their careers, and no man feels brave enough to approach, it is not the woman’s fault. When you become a high-value woman, you will attract high-value men. Don’t restrict your own quality to level with others,” she firmly said. 

Simply put, a high-value woman is someone who knows her worth, is able to manage her time and to channel her energy in pursuit of her dreams, understanding time management skills to stay productive, even for a short time. 

“When we pursue something, we might sacrifice something else. Even for a doctor like me, five minutes is worthwhile; I can read the latest medicinal journals. Time is really meaningful,” she convinced the audience.

Jeanne Svensky Ligte, a Sampoerna University Industrial Engineering Lecturer, expressed that the Bright Future Festival was held as the foundation’s commitment to shape better human resources and optimize maximum potential. 

“We present events to provide a reference for our students and the public in building their career ahead. Being adept is everyone’s right; that is why we hold this BFF event,” she said. 

Jeanne further said that Clarine Hayes is an Indonesian woman who has proven successful in both her career and family; a role model in women empowerment. “Indonesian women can be successful in career and independent. We support our female students to keep developing themselves and prepare their competence in careers. Holding the BFF is one of the ways,” she concluded her talk.


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