Wednesday, December 6, 2023 | 18:04 WIB

A foreigner who takes airport trolley out of the building goes viral


Jakarta, IO – This incident took place at Hang Nadim International Airport in Batam. In the viral footage recorded by a taxi driver, the man was seen pushing an airport trolley into the park adjacent to the airport, reported Detik, Thursday (5/1).

The tourist seemed to have difficulty carrying his baggage. Her luggage fell to the ground and the taxi driver helped him carry it across the road. The airport policy doesn’t allow ride-hailing services to take passengers inside the airport and passengers are not allowed to take their trolley out of the airport building, let alone to the exit area.

While he was busy lifting the luggage and put them inside the taxi, an Avsec airport patrol car approached and took the trolley away with the help of bystanders.

According to Hang Nadim International Airport legal officer, the tourist admitted wasn’t aware of the rule. The airport promises to evaluate the policy.

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“The intermodal transportation policy is currently under evaluation and we will coordinate with land transportation authorities and other stakeholders, including taxi companies to find the best solution for all parties in order to improve our customer service,” he said.

The misunderstanding between the tourist and the airport has been resolved amicably. (rr)


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