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A collaboration between Nuanu and SETTER to create an extravagant “co-work space” in Bali


Jakarta, IO – Nuanu, Bali’s new creative space committed to community development, proudly announces its collaboration with SETTER, a leading co-working space and smart office network in Bali, to launch an architecture competition. The innovative competition aims to design and shape a leading co-working space in Bali, designed to serve as a hub for creativity, collaboration and inspiration. The co-working space will feature state-of the-art offices and workspaces and areas for creative activities, high-tech podcast and video recording studios and relaxation zones. 

“At Nuanu, we create an empowering environment for all individuals and communities. The competition allows architects and designers to join us in building a transformative co-working space to promote innovation, productivity and welfare,” stated Sergey Solonin, the founder of Nuanu. 

The competition offers a prestigious prize worth $5000 and the opportunity to obtain an architecture contract for the winning design. The winner will be pivotal in shaping the future of the co-working landscape in Bali, offering guidance for sustainable and inspiring workspaces. 

Vitaly Cheremenskiy, Founder and Director of SETTER, expressed his excitement about this collaboration. “We are thrilled to partner with Nuanu in this exciting collaboration. As a leading co-working space network in Bali, SETTER is committed to providing innovative and dynamic work environments. We believe this competition will strengthen our mission and enhance Bali as a center for creativity and entrepreneurship,” he explained. 

Several notable details about the Nuanu Architecture Competition include: 

– Submission Deadline: April 1, 2024 

– Prize: $5000 and an architecture contract 

Architects and designers interested in participating in the Nuanu Architecture Competition are invited to visit for further information and competition guidelines. 

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Information on NUANU 

Sprawling across 44 hectares of prime beachfront land, NUANU is a new place in Bali that inspires an original way of living in harmony with one another and nature. Nuanu is a living ecosystem where global leaders, visionaries, creators, and makers can come together to learn, be creative, and develop new technologies, scalable systems, and new practices. As an ecosystem, Nuanu provides special spaces for education, arts and culture, healthcare, entertainment, and a nature-inspired lifestyle, envisioning a future uniting the elements harmoniously. 


SETTER is Bali’s largest coworking space and smart office network. It serves as an ideal workspace for digital nomads, creative people, and entrepreneurs who run their businesses in Bali or remotely. SETTER, a community of nearly 200 members, now covers an area of 2,200 m2, with three buildings, over 40 offices, over 120 workplaces, podcast rooms, and meeting rooms. (des)


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