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3 brave Indonesians appreciated by local Japan police for saving a drowning child


Jakarta, IO – Three Indonesian citizens working in Tottori Prefecture bravely saved a drowning five-year-old child in a reservoir in Oyama City on February 11, 2023. Their actions were widely shared on Twitter by Otaku_Anime_Ind on Sunday (5/3).

“They were on their way home when Adi suddenly saw a red object moving in a pool with two children standing on the embankment. Adi immediately realized that the object was a human and he, with his friends Nazir and Romadi, promptly sprang into action to save the boy,” wrote Otaku_Anime_Ind, reported Kompas, Monday (6/3).

Kotoura Oyama police station in Tottori Prefecture revealed that the three Indonesians are working at a vegetable wholesale company in Yonago City. On its website, the police station wrote that it had sent them letters of appreciation in acknowledgement of their bravery.

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“Your brave actions have saved the child’s life. Thank you very much,” said Tsutomu Yamamasu, the head of the police station. (un)


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