27 countries apply for IMF financial assistance, is Indonesia one of them?

World Bank Building. Photo: investor id
World Bank Building. Photo: investor id

Jakarta, IO – Bank Indonesia (BI) deputy governor Destry Damayanti divulged that Indonesia’s economy is still safe and sound, as indicated by GDP growth in Q2-2022 which hit above 5 percent.

Destry said the central bank predicts full year growth for 2022 to be in the range of 4.5-5.3 percent. “There are 27 countries that have applied for financial assistance from the IMF. Indonesia, so far, is still doing well,” Destry said on Saturday (22/10).

He explained Indonesia’s economic growth is still driven by consumption, investment and exports.

“While we remain optimistic because Indonesia has the carrying capacity and a strong domestic economy, we also need to be constantly vigilant because the volatility of the global economy can affect our economy,” explained Destry.