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Kineforum endeavours to increase social sensitivity through “Oper Bola”


Jakarta, IO – There are many ways to voice social issues that affect the society broadly. One of them is through film. This is what Kineforum does with its “Oper Bola” program held from October 20-23 in Jakarta.

Spokesperson Suryani Liauw said that this program was specially designed to introduce film distribution channels that are not commonly used in Indonesia, namely impact distribution. According to her, this can allow filmmakers to show their films with the right audience, namely those who, in their respective capacities, can make a difference in their surroundings.

“Films that are run through this distribution channel are usually made to highlight social issues,” said Suryani in an official statement, Saturday (22/10).

She went on to say that the impact distribution channel aims not only as entertainment and knowledge, but also to transmit the spirit of doing good.

On the meaning of “Oper Bola”, she explains that the initiative is like passing a ball where societal problems are explored by filmmakers who then develop their ideas into films. After completion, the film will be passed back to the audience, which is expected to trigger a change.

To enrich the viewing experience, Suryani revealed that the presentation of five films in the program would be accompanied by an open discussion forum.

“That way, audience of Kineforum will not only get to watch a series of shows full of information and emotions, but also can hear the experiences of the producers in passing the ‘ball’ of empowerment – from the film, to us, members of the community,” she said. (un)


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