25 Years of Dyandra Promosindo Working in the MICE Industry

Giving back success, with thanks. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO, Jakarta – Dyandra Promosindo, a creation of  PT Dyandra Media International, Tbk. on March 3, 2019 celebrated its 25 birthday. The Company, which is in the MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention & Exhibition) industry, specifically as a professional event organizer, on July 23, held its 25th Year Anniversary Celebration Dyandra Promosindo, dedicated to the government, partners, clients, and the media as a form of appreciation.

The Event 25th Year Anniversary Celebration Dyandra Promosindo was attended by more than 800 guests, and held in the Grand Ballroom Tribrata, Darmawangsa, South Jakarta. Starting from dinner, to a video of Dyandra Promosindo milestones, and finally a special performance from Glenn Fredly, the singer with a golden voice, producer, composer and songwriter with more than 24 years in the music industry.

“On this silver anniversary, we want to express our thanks for the support, cooperation, prayers, and trust since 1994 until now. We hope the support for Dyandra Promosindo will never fade, and we will continue to work hard to advance Indonesia’s MICE industry. On this occasion, we also humbly want to express our highest appreciation to all stakeholders, in this case the directors, investors, employees, clients, media, venues and all individuals that we cannot mention one by one,” said Dyandra Promosindo President Director Hendra Noor Saleh, who is also the director of PT Dyandra Media International, Tbk.

On July 18, 2019, Dyandra Promosindo held a corporate social responsibility event in the education sector called “Dyandra Teaches” which was done in SD Negeri Leuwiranji 03 in Rumpin Bogor. The event was held as a form of concern by Dyandra Promosindo towards a better education for the future generation of the nation.

Until now, Dyandra Promosindo has 11 subsidiaries, which focus as professional event and exhibition organizer, music promotors, brand activation, and digital agency: PT Kerabat Dyan Utama (Radyatama), PT Dyandra Global Edutainment (DGE), PT. Debindo Mitra Tama (DMT), PT Debindo Mitra Dyantama (DMD), PT Dyandra Tarsus International (DTI), PT Dyandra Communication (Dyacomm), PT Fasen Creative Quality (Quad), PT Visicita Imaji Semesta (Visicomm), PT Idea Besar Komunika (Ideacomm), PT Visi Sarana Media Digital (Underlined) and PT Dyan Mas Entertainmen (DMEAsia).

“There have been many interesting things going on in Dyandra Promosindo during these 25 years. Our prayers are that Dyandra Promosindo becomes the largest and best event and exhibition organizer in Southeast Asia, through event management as a brand that uses the latest technology and is supported by creative and highly competittive human resources,” concluded Hendra.