Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 21:34 WIB

Vina Panduwinata will take part in the celebration of Pura Mangkunegaran’s 266th anniversary


Puro Mangkunegaran
(IO/Bunga Permata)

She said the music festival is part of an effort to preserve culture. She hopes the efforts made by Pura Mangkunegaran can strengthen cultural foundation in the hearts of the people.

“This music festival is included in cultural events. This is great, especially for young people,” said the singer who was born in 1959.

In her view, in an era where the flow of information is so swift, information and activities related to culture must be propagated, especially for young people as culture is a treasure that must always be preserved.

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“For Gen-Z it’s very easy to get information. That’s why we need to fill it with information about culture. We must not let our children forget our culture. I’m grateful for an event like this,” she said.

Other major program are Royal Dinner at Pracima Park and the Mangkunegaran Run in Solo. (un)


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