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FBP Theatre puppet show highlights challenges women face


Jakarta, IO – Using puppets, the Yogyakarta-based theater group Flying Balloons Puppet (FBP) delivered stunning performance in the Helateater program, Komunitas Salihara, Friday (17/2).

Themed “Jalinan Kusam di Lemari Sosi,” the actors presented a puppet game called Sosi which is then combined with manipulation of objects such as cupboards and umbrellas.

“Here we describe the relationship between actors and objects as being developed into three possibilities, namely actors as puppeteers, actors using objects as stage properties and actors as objects manipulated by space and other actors,” FPB theater director Meyda Bestari told

She explained that the main theme is of memory and challenges faced by women in the paradox of domestic world where they are raised and the confines of the social world around them.


“Things that influenced the past become memories that are piled up and become dull. This portrays self-criticism,” said Meyda.

Meanwhile, FPB Theater assistant director Rangga Dwi A said using doll as an object is not easy. “If you become a direct actor, you will definitely finish it yourself, but when using a puppet object, we have to transfer it, such as feelings of sadness that are transferred to the doll. This becomes a challenge, including how to divide the portions of playing dolls and playing properties, there are different treatments changing simultaneously,” he said.

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“Puppets are inanimate, dolls have things that actors don’t. This is the impression we want to give,” he said.

The Helateater Salihara 2023 program will continue until March 12. Apart from the FPB Theater, there will also be four other performances, namely by Institute Tingang Borneo Theater (Palangkaraya), SEKAT Studio (Bekasi), Indonesian Wayang Suket (Tuban) and Papermoon Puppet Theater (Yogyakarta). (rr)


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