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Preserving culture through the 266th anniversary of Puro Mangkunegaran


Jakarta, IO – Puro Mangkunegaran is one of the cultural foundations. Thus, it is important to preserve Javanese culture through social values ​​ingrained in a series of events celebrating the 266th anniversary in March 2023.

This was conveyed by Sri Paduka Mangkunegoro X in a press conference at Warung Solo, Jakarta, Monday (20/2). According to him, this year was an extraordinary moment because the community could be involved in cultural celebrations, namely the Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Music and Culinary Festival and a marathon in Solo.

“After 266 years of existence, this is an achievement, an extraordinary moment. Puro Mangkunegaran is a cultural center and we continue to carry out our mandate, duties, functions to continue to preserve and develop culture, especially Javanese culture, Mangkunegaran culture, which has survived to this day,” he said.

Puro Mangkunegaran
(IO/Bunga Permata)

Furthermore, he explained that this activity was held not only for the Mangkunegaran and Solo residents, but also people from various regions. The aim is to strengthen togetherness.

He also believes the celebration activities are universal and contemporary so the knowledge about the Mangkunegaran can be spread and easily understood by the public. He believes that history and culture should be preserved by everyone.

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“How can we continue to preserve the existence of Mangkunegaran and its social impact. We believe that culture belongs to all and we have the duty to preserve history together,” he said. (bp)


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