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Up In Smoke: Where nothing is classified here


IO, Jakarta – The culinary business is growing rapidly. In almost every region, every restaurant continues to create unique creations, both menus and interior design concepts. Especially in Jakarta, in the last 2 years many restaurants have sprung up with out of the box ideas. One of them is the Up In Smoke restaurant that comes with the concept of artisan barbecue in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta.

“Fresh food and basic ingredients are what we serve here,” said Zachary Nice, Owner of Up In Smoke. Zac also said that a mature concept was prepared when he opened Up In Smoke, including the selection of the location of the restaurant.

Up In Smoke gives an interesting concept to the restaurant. Open Kitchen is the choice of concepts presented and is a specialty of Up In Smoke. This concept is applied in the main cooking area, to the kitchen area at the back which has transparent glass installed to keep visitors safe.

“Sometimes people want to know how and the process of making food, so thus we presented this concept (open kitchen). There is nothing to hide,” said Justin as the second owner of Up In Smoke.

One of the favorite menu in Up in Smoke is, Smoked Wagyu Beef Brisket Sandwich, is a beef burger with a layer of BBQ sauce and additional vegetables makes the taste more juicy. (photo: IO/Aldo)

With this open kitchen concept, starting from the roasting process til the plating of the food, it can be seen by visitors. In addition, two large smokers were presented directly at Up In Smoke. The red big box was placed in the playing cooking area that was open side by side with a special grill stove. These two smokers come from Indonesia and are used to process meat so it becomes a perfect meal. Two smokers placed in the open kitchen area can be witnessed by visitors who want to see how food will be served.

In addition, to the special Smoker placed in playing cooking area, a special meat grill is also in Up In Smoke and is not imported from abroad but native to Indonesia. This grill is actually a special request from Up In Smoke. How to serve food with this stove can be seen also in the playing cooking area. This grill stove functions by burning wood from rambutan trees. Marketing Executive, S. Joan S, explained there are special reasons why they chose wood from rambutan trees.

“Because the rambutan tree when burned is more fragrant than other trees, so when we grill or smoke, the smell permeates to the meat,” he said.

Up In Smoke provides three dining areas that visitors can choose from. They have a comfortable and elegant indoor area, bar area, and an outdoor area that is more relaxed and comfortable.

Unlike restaurants in general, that have a special menu, Up In Smoke considers all the food they serve special. They claimed to not want to negate other menus.

“There is no special menu because we want to make sure all the menus we offer for visitors are good and great,” said Zachary Nice, Owner of Up In Smoke Jakarta.

Dishes at Up In Smoke come at various prices, ranging from IDR 70,000 to IDR 400 thousand for main courses. Meanwhile, for special courses there are also those that reach upto Rp. 1 million. Variable prices for delicious food with western concepts. (Aldo)


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