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Dive with sharks on Kapoposang Island


IO – The charm of marine tourism in Indonesia has long been a conversation among tourists. Not only cultural tourism and natural beauty of the mountains, South Sulawesi also has a maritime tourism spot that stretches across the Makassar Strait. One of them is the Spermonde archipelago located in the southern part of the Makassar Strait. More than 160 islands are included in the Spermonde islands or better known as Sangkaran islands.

One place that presents exotic underwater scenery in the Province is Kapoposang Island. Administratively, Kapoposang Island enters the territory of Pangkep Regency precisely, located in the area of ​​Liukang Tupabbiring District, Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi Province. To be able to visit one of the outermost islands of Pangkep, tourists must travel using fishing boats or boats that have been provided by the Resort at the Paotere pier or the Bangkoa Wooden dock and Lae-Lae pier. The time taken to reach Kapoposang island is quite long, about six to nine hours, depending on the type of vessel used.

On this island, you will be treated to views of white sands around the beach with the clarity of seawater that allows you to transparently see the beauty of the reef without having to dive. When the Independent Observer visited the island, we suggest one thing that should not be missed, namely, enjoying the panorama of the sunrise and sunset.

For tourists who want to do activities such as diving and snorkeling, this island offers several diving points that each provides its own beauty and charm. The marvelous beauty of Kapoposang Island has always been a special attraction for local and foreign tourists to visit.

There are a total of 14 diving spots, including Januar Point, Aquarium Point, and Tanjung Point. In addition there is also Shark Point, where visitors can feel the sensation of diving with a tamed shark. No wonder this place is a haven for divers. Another spot you can visit while on Kapoposang Island is Turtle Point. This region is the original habitat and nesting place for hawksbill turtles, one of the animals that is supervised by the National Water Conservation Area.

Although the location is quite far from the city, the facilities available on Kapoposang Island are more than sufficient. This is marked by luxurious accommodations available to visitors. In addition to lodging, for tourists who want to dive and not carry any equipment, there are also stores with diving equipment rentals. Unfortunately, telecommunications access is still quite limited. However, this can certainly be a benefit for tourists to interact more with local residents who mostly come from tribes such as Bugis and Mandar. (Aldo)


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