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Unpad students are ready to appear at the regional level 2020 KDMI


IO, Bandung – Three students were chosen to represent Padjadjaran University (Unpad), Bandung, West Java, at the regional level 2020 Indonesian Student Debate Competition (Kompetisi Debat Mahasiswa Indonesia-“KDMI”) this August. They are Intan Aulia Retno (Faculty of Medicine), Gigih Al-Fath Didi (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences-FISIP), and Faisal Maulana Ibrahim (Faculty of Pharmacy). 

The two KDMI 2020 selection judges were from FISIP, the other two were from the Communication Faculty (Fikom). Hery Wibowo and Slamet Usman Ismanto from FISIP, Dandi Supriadi and Subekti Wirabhuana Priyadharma from Fikom. Heri, as the jury coordinator, revealed that three students were selected from a selection conducted by Unpad online in mid-July. 

“Padjadjaran University seeks to attract participants from students who are most ready to represent at the national level,” said the FISIP lecturer when contacted by the Office of Public Communication (KKP) Unpad, Sunday (07/26/2020). 

This year, KDMI was held for the first time online. The selection at the Unpad level was attended by 60 participants from various faculties. One team consists of three students. In the selection process, each team is given a motion to then argue. In the next session, they rebutted the opposing team’s argument. 

“The jury judges from this process, how participants express their arguments. In the second session, we also assessed how each of them disputed or debated the arguments of the opposing team scientifically, systematically and logically,” he said. 

From the initial selection, 12 students were chosen to participate in the final round. In the final round the students were randomized into different teams and given a motion of debate again. In addition to the team, assessments are also carried out individually. Thus, the selected students are those who are judged to have the best abilities. The assessment is based on content (40%), delivery style (20%), and strategy (40%). “Then three people were chosen according to the jury as the most ready to represent Unpad,” he said. 

Currently the three selected students are taking part in preparations to advance to regional level selection. They will be given a briefing and strengthening skills. “Hopefully the selected students will be able to continue to improve their quality, ability to present ideas, and build good communication patterns among team members. What is also important is increasing sensitivity to the issue of social problems that are happening and doing a lot of independent debate debates,” he said. (est) 


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