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Triadnjanaadi Lokatanaya, spirited to be healthy


IO – Former Indonesian men’s basketball national player Triadnjanaadi Lokatanaya some time ago underwent a wound healing operation on the sole of his foot. Tri’s wound is quite crucial for him because he also has diabetes. 

The time of the COVID-19 pandemic caused Tri more difficulties. The basketball academy he founded, Adiloka Basketball Academy, had to close, while Tri needed expenses for surgery and healing. Luckily, several basketball communities offered assistance. 

One community that cares for Tri is a group of basketball fan journalists who are members of the Journalists who like and have a concern about sports (Jusraga). The reporters then raised donations for Tri. They auctioned the collectibles they got while doing coverage. 

Someone is auctioning off the original Manchester United jersey complete with the signature of its personnel and the team’s hat nicknamed the Red Devils. There are also mascots for the 2016 Football World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as well as several other items. The donation and auction generated funds of 30,488,000. 

“Thanks to journalist friends. This attention touched me. My enthusiasm was multiplied. As a sports athlete, we have the spirit to fight until the game ends. Likewise facing this disease, I will continue to fight and be eager to recover,” said Tri. 

Regarding enthusiasm, there is no need to doubt Tri. He already showed it when he was a player. His energy is fully poured out on the pitch, both during training and in matches. No wonder he is called one of the best defenders of the national team. 

Tri has given service to the country through basketball. Five times he has been included in the Indonesian national team for the South East Asian (SEA) Games from 1991 to 1999. This sporting event for Southeast Asian nations is held every two years. In 1989 and 1990 he joined the Indonesian student national team as well as the Indonesian junior national team until 1993. Although he was still a junior, he also entered the senior national team competing in FIBA Asia in 1989-2001. 

Tri was also selected at the 2001 SEA Games, but he couldn’t join because of an injury. I injured my shoulder, I couldn’t lift my hand,” he said. Tri did not want to force it; his position was replaced by a young player at that time, Pek King Dhay. Uniquely, King Dhay was forced by circumstances to wear a jersey bearing Adiloka’s name on his back. “It’s okay, it means I allow the most potential young players at that time.” 

Tri’s injury was not the first. In 1993 he had to undergo surgery after participating in the 1993 SEA Games. The operation forced him to absent himself from competing in the 1993 National Sports Week (PON). “So I never took part in PON, because the next PON in basketball uses age restrictions,” he said. 

The operation in 1993 had left him with a broken heart in basketball because at that time he felt he had been given no attention from the Central Board of the Indonesian Basketball Association. “I was disappointed, but my parents reminded me that my grandfather used to struggle with the risk of his life for Indonesia, so I, who was only sick and disappointed, had to continue fighting for the Red and White,” he recalled. Tri also returned to the national team. 

In the Indonesian professional basketball league, Tri was loyal to the Aspac club from 1989 to 2004. He then joined Mitra Kalila for a season, the name of the Pelita Jaya club at that time. In 2005 he retired as a player and switched to training. 

“My first coaching with Citra Satria Pelita (CSP). Two years with CSP then moved to Indonesia Muda for two years, then to Garuda also for two years. Then a year at Satria Muda, two years at NSH GMC and two years with Stadium,” he said. 

While he was still playing, he also handled the men’s and women’s Pre-PON Bali teams in 2004 and 2005. 

In 2015, Tri decided to return to Bali. He founded the Adiloka Basketball Club. “This year we have also started to create an ASEO Indonesia event organizer, engaged in the sports industry,” he said. 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced him to pause. However, Tri remains and is always excited about life, including fighting his illness. 

Keep fight, Tri. We wish you a quick and healthy recovery. (rp) 


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