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These 7 villages adopt sustainable tourism


Bali, IO – The government is trying to promote sustainable tourism to attract foreign and local tourists. It is a concept that aims to integrate diverse aspects, from the environment, social, culture and economy.

Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has launched four guidelines to build sustainable tourist destinations, namely destination management, economic utilization for local communities, cultural preservation for the community and visitors, and environmental preservation.

According to, Tuesday (28/2), here are seven villages that have successfully implemented the sustainable tourism concept and been designated pilot villages.

  1. Pujon Kidul village, Malang

Situated 30 km from Malang city, this village is in the highlands of Pujon district, which bless it with a cool and beautiful environment. Pujon Kidul relies on natural preservation, especially the agricultural and livestock sectors. Activities that tourists can enjoy include planting and picking vegetables, and milking cows.

Art and culture are also prominent in this village, so tourists can learn and try the various musical instruments. Locals’ houses are often open for tourists to either stay overnight or just try local food.


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