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There is no adversity in doing good


IO, Jakarta – Her name is known as one of the top designers of Indonesia. Classic-modern, charming, and elegant pieces are characteristic of Amy Atmanto’s work. Behind the elegance of her work, Amy, her nickname is known as a compassionate person. Her life motto is happiness to share more. Therefore, in her life, caring for others is a continuous thing she does with her family. Training to install the sequins and beads to the deaf and the duafa has been done since 2008. The latest, together with her son she built Atmanto Internet House (RIAT)

Focus of Women
Various designs are often used by the country’s celebrities. Despite being one of the successful designers, Amy still has a sensitivity for people. For her being busy and having a lot of work does not make Amy satisfied. She wants her life to have a meaning for others. Therefore, amid the flurry of producing a variety of works, she founded Creative House Amy Atmanto to provide free training to the less fortunate, in this case the marginal and hearing impaired. They are equipped with skills such as installing a sequin or beads for fashion ornaments. According to Amy, these activities are expected to make their lives better. “For training put up sequins and beads, we use sewing materials. Alhamdulillah we start with what is, and what is in us, “she said smiling.

With this training, they have soft skills. Even those who participated in this training were given the certificate as a sign of participation. “So the mothers are working from home while taking care of their children, they take jobs from Tanah Abang, also Cempaka Mas. Those who initially were paid Rp15 thousand to Rp 20 thousand, “she explained.

By having the ability of soft skill, it is expected to improve the minimum living standard of the family, especially women. “I am very concerned that the woman should be given knowledge, somehow. From what I and my family can do, under whatever circumstances, we can remain happy by sharing. The woman is one of the nation’s mental milestones. Woman has a very important role for the next generation. So if women can be empowered, at least she can have her own income. Women who are capable and empowered, no matter how small it is becomes the ethos and example for her children, “he explained.

Until now, Amy can be proud, because Creative House has trained more than 1000 people of the marginal and deaf.

Social activities that she has done has brought a positive impact for the community. Due to this, Amy also got various awards. A few years ago, the design kebaya made by the hearing impaired, led her to become the best designer, and the most inspirational Indonesian woman.

Rumah Internet
Not only a Creative House, Amy also built Atmanto Internet House (RIAT) in 2016. However, she admitted, her two sons, Adam and Faiz who now manage RIAT as they both are masters of technology so they can share knowledge about computers and technology. “My sons understands the technology, the knowledge is there, so according to their knowledge they share,” said Amy.

In this program, the blind will undergo computer recognition training, the introduction of the internet with limitations and online training of commerce for people with disabilities, as well as the development of crowdsourcing website. Also there is a limited discussion of internet marketing by the Cartoon community held, creative writing training “Writing ala Blogger Reportage” by Reporter Indonesia’s elemental community, soft skills and character building training for marginal and disabled people.

The method for RIAT is to organize a one week camp. Basic computer training that is really needed will be done. After that, you can join the internet session and things related to internet marketing.

Based on Law No. 19 of 2011 on the rights of people with disabilities and the declaration of digital revolution by President Jokowi, Amy and family hope the blind people also get their rights to enjoy the technological era. “We certainly want to participate, introduce the internet to blind friends, they are brilliant, they will transmit it and we want the technology to be utilized by people with disabilities,” she said firmly.

All this training is provided free of charge. According to Amy, these disability friends have the potential to be able to work. Amy expects this activity can be a positive activity for those who have physical limitations, so they can also feel the same as other normal children. Therefore, support from all parties is of course needed.

In her life, Amy realizes that no harm is done in doing good. “That kindness will be rewarded with good. We believe that. And if someone does not do good to us, there is no need to be angry, as later someone will avenge them, “she concluded. (Dessy Aipipidely)


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