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The sensation of a steak dish from the sakura country


IO, Jakarta – Are you a fan of steak? Yes, steak is indeed one of the west­ern-style foods that is liked by many people. The combination of grilled meat with delicious sauce makes this one type of food able to hypnotize all culinary lovers out there. Along the area of Bulungan, South Jakarta, there is one steak restaurant that is enough to grab the attention of peo­ple around it. How wouldn’t it? Despite presenting a steak menu as the main dish, this restaurant actually has a Jap­anese concept. Tokyo Skip Jack, that’s the name of this restaurant. Looking from the outside, you will think that this restaurant presents a range of cu­linary specialties of the cherry country, even though if you set foot inside you will find an amazing surprise.

When in the front of this restau­rant, your eyes will be fixed on a small cottage located in the Tokyo Skip Jack corner. Apparently, this small cottage dominated by light brown wood is the kitchen from Tokyo Skip Jack. It’s unique that usually the kitchen is in­side a restaurant, but only in Tokyo, Skip Jack, the kitchen is just outside the restaurant. Not only small huts, but you feel more typical Japanese feeling when you step deeper into the restaurant that has been established since June 2, 2012. Wooden games, typical Japanese pictures, and chairs and tables on the outside make the Japanese feeling thicker.

Then as you step inside more, you will meet with Cosmo Supermarket. Supermarkets that sell typical Japa­nese products seem to blend perfect­ly with the Tokyo Steak Jack, which takes the concept of a typical sakura steak street.

“I, along with my partner, Ivan want the meat in this supermarket to have added value. Since we have the same hobby of eating, we final­ly decided to make a restaurant that presents a steak menu. To have an impression of Japan, we finally gave the name Tokyo Skip Jack to this restaurant, “said Tjahjono Soekardjo, Owner of Tokyo Skip Jack.

The name Tokyo Skip Jack itself means Fish Tongkol. Where, these fish become one of the essential in­gredients that are often used by Japanese people in making food. In addition, the name also sounds very unique, making Tjahjono and Ivan use the name for their restaurant.

“Our target is young people and families, besides that we also design this restaurant to look more relaxed and fresh so there is no need to be stiff to eat steak here,” said Tjahjono.

To enjoy steak at this restaurant, Tokyo Skip Jack provides two dining areas, both inside and outside. Or if it’s full, you can also sit on the bar table chair. Speaking of Tokyo Skip Jack, it’s incomplete if you don’t talk about the menu of super-delicious dishes. Overall, the main menu from Tokyo Skip Jack is steak. However, what makes this steak different from the others is the row of delicious sauces it offers. Usually, the steak restaurant only serves two sauce variants namely blackpepper and barbecue. But not for restaurants that already have a branch in Semin­yak, Bali. There are four sauces pre­sented, including Barbecue, Creamy Mushroom, Japanese Chimichuri and Wasabi Butter. These four sauc­es are dominated by sweet, sour and savory flavors. There are two choic­es of meat presented by Tokyo Skip Jack, which are New Zealand and American meat with a choice of 200gr sirloin, tenderloin and rib eye. For tenderloin steak, a blend of tender and delicious tenderloin meat seems to blend perfectly when served with mashed potatoes, Japanese spinach and Tokyo Skip Jack sauce. While for sirloin steak served with corn, french fries, delicious Japanese spinach and Tokyo Skip Jack sauce. This perfect combination in one plate is no won­der that many people like it. Soft meat texture, delicious Japanese spinach flavor and savory potatoes provide more added value to these foods. To taste this dish, you only need to spend Rp. 85 thousand.

For the steak itself, Tjahjono rec­ommends that consumers eat steaks with medium well maturity. In addi­tion to more tender meat, you do not need to be afraid of the red color com­ing out of the meat. Because the red color is not blood but protein in meat is very good for your body. In addi­tion to steaks, there is one Japanese menu that is processed in such a way by Tokyo Skip Jack, Sawara Umaka­ra Set. In a set of menus this con­sists of mackerel, miso soup, warm rice, pickles and salads. The texture of mackerel fish is tender and deli­cious on every bite besides the spices soak into the deepest part. It is per­fect when combined with savory and pickled miso soup which gives a little sour taste.

As one restaurant that is unique both in terms of presentation and taste, it’s worth the Independent Ob­server recommends Tokyo Skip Jack for those of you who want to enjoy dinner with your family. (Aldo)


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