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“Colors of Love”, varied expressions of love at the 2020 Plaza Indonesia Film Festival


IO, Jakarta – “Love”. A word with so many forms and expressions. A word that gives so much color into lives. It is also the theme of the eighth Plaza Indonesia Film Festival (“PIFF”) – “Colors of Love”. PIFF -2020 will screen best films from our country and abroad at Cinema XXI, Level 6 Plaza Indonesia, on 24-28 February 2020. This event also includes a movie clinic, movie talk, and Federico Fellini’s 8 ½ in The Unpublished Photographs, a photo exhibition by Paul Ronald.

“PIFF is committed to present the best films from our country and abroad as an expression of Plaza Indonesia’s concern and appreciation for the world of movies and its workers,”said Zamri Mamat, Plaza Indonesia’s Marketing General Manager.

There will be more than 10 films that have never been screened in Indonesia’s silver screen before in PIFF 2020, such as Mountain Song (Indonesia), House of Hummingbird (South Korea), Monos (Colombia), The Science of Fictions (Indonesia), The Lighthouse and System Crasher (Germany), and Honeyland (Macedonia).

PIFF cooperates with Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival (“JAFF”) in screening short movies from Asian countries that won the JAFF 2019 award. PIFF also cooperates with Istituto Italiano di Cultura, the Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta, in an appreciation of 100 years of Federico Fellini’s works. “Federico Fellini is Italy’s pride as a director and screenwriter. He has generated many quality films and he is an inspiration for world cineastes through the ages. With PIFF 2020, we will screen two of Federico Fellini’s best movies that match the ‘Colors of Love’ theme, La Dolce Vita and . To complement the screening of these movies, we are holding a photo exhibition of previously unpublished behind-the-scene photos of by Paul Ronald, and also a movie talk with Annamaria Gradara, a journalist and curator of a weekly column on Federico Fellini in the Corriere di Romagna daily newspaper in Italy,” said Maria Battaglia, Istituto Italiano di Cultura’s representative.

Plaza Indonesia will also respect domestic movie inspiration by holding a movie clinic with Kinosaurus, a micro-cinema company that has established itself as an alternative film-watching venue in Jakarta. The clinic will feature inspirational figures of the Indonesian movie industry, such as Mira Lesmana (producer), Riri Riza (director), Joko Anwar (director), Tara Basro (actress), Chitra Subiakto (costumier), and Ical Tanjung (cinematographer). The movie clinic will be held in Atrium Level 4 and Disrupto Society, with the theme to be discussed being “Dream Team”. These great names will share their stories about how movie-makers generate ideas and emotions using colors, costumes, and effects on screen.

BPJAMSOSTEK expresses its support as the sponsor of PIFF 2020. “In line with the theme ‘Colors of Love’, the State also expresses its love of movies by educating people on the importance of social security for all workers, including movie workers,” said Sugar Nadia, PIFF Film Curator.


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