The beauty of the waterfall and white sand of the beach combined at Banyu Tibo beach

Banyu Tibo Beach doesn’t have a long shoreline. In the cliffs located on the west, visitors can see the waves crashing into the coral reefs. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO – Waterfalls or beaches are two tourist objects that are often crowded with tourists in Indonesia. It is not uncommon for tourists to choose one, going to the beach or to the waterfall. But on the coast of Pacitan Regency, East Java. Tourists can visit waterfalls and beaches at one time. The destination is on Banyu Tibo Beach which means Waterfall Beach. This beach with waterfalls is administratively located in Widoro Village, Donorojo District, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province. The distance from Pacitan City Center is around 32.5 kilometers with a travel time of about one hour. If taken from the City of Surakarta or Yogyakarta, the distance to Banyu Tibo Beach is approximately 100 kilometers with a travel time of around three hours. The easiest route from Pacitan is from the Kalak Market Junction to the west. While if from Surakarta or Yogyakarta is through the Pracimantoro District to the east which is the main road to Pacitan.

To be able to enjoy its natural beauty, when it arrives at a tourist attraction visitors must pay a visit ticket for Rp 10,000 per person. After that the journey continues on a narrower village road. The location of the waterfall is not far from the parking area, to get there, just need to walk for a moment to the east side and cross the small river which is the source of the waterfall. Later visitors must go down the stairs from wood to reach the location of the waterfall. Once down, the freshness of the waterfall will combine with the soft white sand on this beach. Of course enjoying the fresh waterfalls and the softness of the beach with white sand is a rare thing. That is one of the unique Banyu Tibo Beaches that only exists in Pacitan. However, there is only one waterfall that flows to the beach so visitors have to queue to be able to enjoy it.

Bathing under the pouring waterfall is not the only activity that can be done on Banyu Tibo Beach. Visitors can also play sea water which feels no less refreshing with a waterfall. The water that plunges into the beach is also tasteless so that visitors can rinse their bodies after they are satisfied playing seawater and white sand. However, you should still clean yourself in the bathroom to make it cleaner again. Tourists can also come here to just enjoy the panorama or atmosphere.

In the cliff area in the west, visitors can see waves chasing each other and finally hit the reef. This Banyu Tibo Beach when seen actually has a beach that is not too long. A little different from the other beaches in Pacitan. In fact, when the dry season comes, this waterfall is not dry, but still flows falling to the beach. Although this waterfall is not too high, this waterfall is still very beautiful when viewed.

Tourism support facilities are also quite complete on the second beach in the westernmost part of Pacitan Regency. In addition to the parking area, there are toilets, bathrooms, places of worship, and food stalls in the Banyu Tibo Beach area. (Aldo)