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Taiwan rejects unification with China under “one country, two systems” principle


Jakarta, IO – Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Joanne Ou stated that her country still refuses to join China even though it continues to threaten Taiwan by conducting war games around the island.

Joanne Ou said Taipei rejected the reunification goal laid out in China’s new white paper. In the book, China adopts the principle of “one country, two systems,” CNN Indonesia reported.

Under this principle, China seeks to pursue reunification with Taiwan while granting the island a special autonomy status. In response, Joanne Ou stressed that Taiwanese has the right to determine their own destiny in the future.

The conflict between Taiwan and China escalated sharply after the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island on August 2. In response, the Chinese government announced large-scale military drills that experts said is a simulation to invade the island.

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The Taiwanese military has detected 16 Chinese fighter jets and 10 naval ships crossing the median line, an unofficial border between Taiwan and China that runs down the middle of the Taiwan Strait.

China denounced Pelosi’s visit and said it has disrupted bilateral relations between the two countries. Beijing has halted cooperation on a range of issues with Washington. (un)


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