President Jokowi: 4 global steps to mitigate impact of climate change

Joko Widodo, President of the Republic of Indonesia. (Photo: Pers Istana)

IO – President Joko Widodo has announced four global steps to mitigate impacts of climate change. “The impact of global climate change is staring us right in the face. These will undoubtedly hit harder for island countries like Indonesia,” he said during the virtual Climate Adaptation Summit (“CAS”) 2021 held on Monday (25/01/2021).

Changes in climate cycles are forcing farmers and fishermen in Indonesia to adapt. Rising sea levels also force residents in coastal areas and small islands to work harder to survive. Meanwhile, we are forced to deal with a COVID-19 pandemic in 215 countries in the world, including Indonesia, only adding to the complexity and intensity of these challenges. “Therefore, we must take extraordinary steps,” the President said.

The first extraordinary step to take is to ensure that all countries satisfy their requirement Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) for climate change. “Indonesia has updated its own NDC to upgrade our security and capability to adapt,” the President said.

Second, all of the people’s potentialities must be harmonized to grow a joint awareness in terms of mitigating and taking action against climate change impacts in the future. “Indonesia involves its citizens in climate change control through the Climate Village program, which will include 20,000 settlements by 2024,” Jokowi said.

Third, to strengthen global partnerships. Indonesia prioritizes cooperation in capacity-building for facing climate change with Pacific countries. “Naturally, advanced countries must fulfill their own commitment as well,” the President said.

Fourth, Indonesia invites all countries to continue with green development for a better world. The President has high hopes that CAS 2021 can help increase and improve climate actions throughout the globe by promoting global solidarity, collaboration, and collective leadership for climate issues, and to monitor detailed implementation of the programs in each country.

CAS is a global conference held to accelerate and improve global efforts to adapt peoples and economies to possible climate change impacts in the future. This year, CAS is held online, with the Netherlands as the host, and it is supported by 22 countries, including Indonesia. Present at this summit are UN’s General Secretary António Guterres, Co-Chair of Global Commission on Adaptation Ban Ki-moon, leaders of international economic and development agencies, and the attendees themselves, 22 Heads of State or Heads of Government.