OPPO Reno4, sleek and trendy design

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – The new Reno series device carries the OPPO design philosophy that comes with innovation and sophisticated technology. Reno4 series has a sleek design in trendy and contemporary colors that make it even more stylish. 

Slim, Stylish and Trendy Design 

The biggest challenge for smartphone manufacturers is to create a balance of devices that are comfortable to hold and to bring the latest features to the device while maintaining a sleek design to provide comfort to its users. 

The Reno4 series was built through the strengths of OPPO R&D, by optimizing product design to minimize device dimensions and weight. Not only focusing on a slim device, Reno4 also optimizes every millimeter size and reduces every gram of weight, so that Reno4 can come with a weight of 165g and dimensions of 7.7mm, presenting a very ergonomic design when held. 

Optimized device dimensions 

The rear section of the Reno4 is reinforced using heat-resistant steel sheets making the body 0.15mm thinner. In addition, the Reno4 series has certain components on the mainboard to further reduce the thickness of the device by 0.3mm. Reno4 also uses Hidden Fingerprint Unlock which has a thickness of only 0.27mm. 

Premium rear cross-section design 

Reno4 has a Quad-Cam which has a slightly raised camera frame on the back. The Reno4 series combines two different textures. At the top left of the back, the rectangular frame accommodates the four rear cameras that come in shiny colors. This Quad-Cam layout makes Reno4 look futuristic, making the device design look more modern. 

Unique Color Innovations 

Reno4 has a choice of Space Black and Galactic Blue colors. Space Black’s appearance is like a mysterious space with bright spots. Although the rear cross-section has a dark color, when there is a light effect, it will still look shiny. At the bottom, there is the OPPO logo monogram that looks like a high-end fashion brand design, emphasizing the impression of elegance and stylish. 

Galactic Blue is a unique color in Reno4 with the “Reno Glow” technique. “Reno Glow” which was introduced in the Reno4 Series gives a finishing touch with a matte texture, has a very subtle sparkle detail presenting a more premium feel. This cross-section consists of many layers with a mixture of blue colors. The dark blue color radiates from the middle to the top, producing shades of silver with a natural transition. Galactic Blue also presents a rear cross-section with premium textures, a unique mixture of matte and gloss textured materials, combined with a stunning light refraction effect.