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New Perspectives on China-ASEAN


Jakarta, IO – China-ASEAN ties have achieved a new level in 2022, the first year of the foundation of the “comprehensive strategic partnership” between China and ASEAN. The relationship between ASEAN, China, and the United States is considerably more fragile in light of the Sino-US game and the geopolitical scenario. 

ASEAN has stated that it would not take sides, but China’s ties with ASEAN should not be based solely on economic and commercial cooperation. Comprehensive and in-depth China-ASEAN ties are critical to both sides’ growth. 

The development vision is extremely compatible 

The previously proposed 2025 ASEAN Community Vision by ASEAN nations includes economic and trade, defense and security, social and cultural planning, and other disciplines, such as the “ASEAN Political and Security Community,” “ASEAN Economic Community,” and “ASEAN Social and Cultural Community.” There are three pillars. This vision is broadly aligned with China’s espoused notion of “a community with a shared future for mankind.” China has also suggested a “global development effort” based on this notion, which has provided new potential for China-ASEAN relations. 

ASEAN’s 2025 vision has been prepared for several years, however execution is lacking. Given that China-ASEAN bilateral relations have been elevated to a comprehensive strategic partnership, China and ASEAN can seize the opportunity to work together to establish a “China-ASEAN Development Community” to reflect ASEAN’s 2025 vision and to realize the United Nations’ sustainable development goals by 2030. The purpose is to create construction blocks. This is also an excellent chance for China to expand its overall cooperation with ASEAN. 

To be honest, China-ASEAN collaboration is gaining traction, and there is no need to be concerned. The degree of economic dependency has risen steadily since the inception of China-ASEAN dialogue relations 30 years ago. In 2020, when the pandemic is at its peak, trade volume between the two countries has increased against the trend, and ASEAN has surpassed China as China’s largest trading partner for the first time. On the one hand, the global pandemic has put the relationship between China and ASEAN to the test; on the other side, it has elevated bilateral ties to new heights. 


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