Komnas HAM: Mutilation of 4 Papuan residents potentially counts as gross human rights violation

Ilustrasi Mayat
Body discovery illustration. (IO/Pebri)

Jakarta, IO – Papua representative of National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) Frits Ramadey said the mutilation of four Papuans in Mimika can potentially be categorized as gross human rights violation because it was planned by the perpetrators and state officials were involved.

“It was planned two days in advance. Why? Will this case potentially amount to gross human rights violations? Again, the possibility is very open, because the crime has been designed in such a way,” said Frits as reported by Kompas, Saturday (17/9).

Frits also mentioned that the Indonesian military personnel involved are not only those of lower ranks, but also captains and majors. Investigators from the Army’s Military Police Corps have arrested six suspects in the mutilation case.

The Army spokesperson Brig. Gen. Tatang Subarna explained that the six suspects have been detained for the purpose of investigation.