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Moving the capital no longer in question


IO, Jakarta – The National Development Planning (PPN) Minister and head of the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas) Bambang Brodjonegoro stress the certainty of the movement of the new state capital outside of Java, beginning in 2024. This certainty targets Kalimantan, which almost certainly will become the location for a new national capital to replace DKI Jakarta. “The movement is estimated to begin in 2024,” Bambang said at the Office of the National Development Planning Agency, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (6/18/2019). Bambang further explained that it was estimated that four years would be needed for planning and development after all was finalized.

Bambang also revealed that President Joko Widodo would decide on the determination of moving the national capital to be implemented this year, along with the location of a new capital city. “So, this year the President himself will announce his location,” Bambang said.

Therefore, the process of moving the capital city, if traced, in 2019 as a decision, in 2020 as a planning process, and in the year 2021-2023 the development process, and in 2024 the move of the center of government will commence.

Previously, the discourse on the movement of the state capital became a question of many people now is entering to a new phase when the government stressed that the transfer of the capital will almost certainly be to Kalimantan, when Minister of National Development Planning Bambang Brodjonegoro explained this before the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission XI work meeting, Monday (6/17/2019).

To move the capital city, the government certainly needs a sizeable budget. Hundreds of trillions of Rupiah are going to be needed to build a new capital city. Previously, the estimated budget for moving the capital from Jakarta to outside Java Island was predicted to reach Rp466 trillion or USD33 billion. Bambang also explained that there is a smaller city scenario as an alternative, with an investment value lower by Rp323 trillion or USD23 billion. As for the financing, it is planned to be divided into four sources, Bambang said, starting from the State Budget, government cooperation with business entities, BUMN projects, and pure private projects.

Until now, there are two provinces that have the potential to be chosen as substitutes for Jakarta, namely Central Kalimantan (Kalteng) and East Kalimantan (Kaltim). President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has also conducted field visits to the two provinces but has not yet given any indication of which regions the government will choose, considering the two regions have their respective strengths and weaknesses. (hw)


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