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Mondelez Internationals studies on snacking habits and trends in Indonesia


IO, Jakarta – As a leader in the snacking industry, Mondelez International, known for iconic snacks such as Oreo biscuits, Cadbury Chocolate and Kraft Cheese, launched a “State of Snacking” survey in Indonesia. The survey analyzes snacking habits, perceptions, and consumer trends in Indonesia and 11 other countries. “We realize that snacking habits have changed with increased urbanization, intense activities, and shifting tastes. The survey is meant to find new understanding of snacking habits and the role of snacks, whether functional or emotional, in the daily life of Indonesian people, who are very fond of snacks,” declared Sachin Prasad, Mondelez Indonesia’s President Director. 

The “State of Snacking” survey of the snack industry has great potential, whether globally or in Indonesia, because people snack more frequently every day. Snacking is not just about eating to reduce hunger when one cannot take time to eat a proper meal. Nowadays, people use snacking time as a moment to maintain social closeness, build up connections, and even build up personal identities. 

Here are some Indonesian snacking habits and trends discovered by Mondelez International’s “State of Snacking” survey: 

Indonesians Consume More Snacks than Have Proper Meals 

Indonesians consume more snacks than proper meals at 3x snacking a day to 2.5x proper meals a day. 75% of respondents stated that snacks that are easier to consume amid activities and are more suitable for their current lifestyles. 77% of respondents (18% more than the global average) prefer to consume snacks all day long and consume proper meals less frequently. In fact, 53% of respondents admitted that they no longer have time to eat proper meals. 

Indonesians Tend to Consume Snacks in the Morning 

Indonesians tend to consume snacks in the morning, earlier than in other countries, i.e. during brunch hours. Sociologist Dr. Erna Ermawati Chotim, M. Si. commented on this discovery, because Indonesians in general have a longer commute from home to work, which means that they need to prepare everything earlier before they go. Consequently, they also need snacks to replenish their energy in the period after breakfast and before lunch. 

Indonesian Need Snacks for Emotional and Mental Sustenance 

Indonesians need snacking to maintain their mental and emotional condition, not just to keep from getting hungry. 93% respondents stated that they snack in order to improve their mood, while 91% admit to snacking as a moment to calm themselves down and indulge themselves (“me-time”). 84% of respondents stated that they snack in order to feed their bodies. 

Indonesians Snack to Improve Togetherness 

Here is an interesting point: 86% of Indonesian respondents, or 23% higher than global average, stated that they use snacking time as a moment to create and maintain togetherness with others. Furthermore, Indonesians see snacks as a medium to maintain connection with themselves and their culture. About 59% of respondents – 27% higher than global average – stated that they have a tradition of daily snacking. 68% of Indonesia respondents believe that snacking as a habit is part of a family tradition that keeps the family together. Erna explained this phenomenon as part of the Indonesian culture of using foodstuff or snacks as “ice-breakers” and to maintain togetherness. As a highly sociable society, Indonesians have been using snacks as gifts to enjoy together and connect with each other for generations. 

Future Trend in Snacks: Delicious, yet Nutritious 

of the survey’s respondents stated that they want snacks to be more nutritious in the future. The top three Indonesian expectations of future snacks are: rich in vitamins (60%), low in sugar (57%), and fresh (56%). 

“By understanding Indonesians’ snacking habits and trends, Mondelez Indonesia will be able to continue innovating its products and satisfy the consumers’ need of the right snacks for the right moment. This is in line with the Company’s vision of “Snacking Made Right”,” Sachin said. “Mondelez Indonesia’s current portfolio has already reflected the consumers’ snacking habits and needs, from morning until night. For example, in order to satisfy customers’ preference for light morning snacks, Mondelez Indonesia produces Belvita, a biscuit specially designed as a balanced breakfast snack. For casual moments in the daytime or afternoon, Oreo’s “twist, dunk, lick” ritual helps consumers strengthen their bonds with each other.” 


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